Looking down a gym girl’s top and you can see her erect nipples

While looking at the gym books you have found out that sexy blonde Dolly P has not paid her membership for the last couple of months. You find her in the women’s locker room as she just got ready to work out. Your job as a manager is to not allow her to use the gym since she did not pay her membership and you tell her that she needs to pack her stuff and leave or pay everything she owns to the gym. Since she does not have any money with her, you are forced to kick her out of the gym. Devastated, she goes to her locker and starts to pack her things.

You stand next to her the whole time to make sure she leaves and while you do you realize you have a spectacular view of her boobs from the top. As you stare at them, she notices you and quickly decides to try to use ongoing situation in her own benefit. Her offer to you is this: she will remove her pink top to give you exclusive look at her boobies and you can wank off in front of her if you allow her to continue to use the gym. It’s crazy how much girls love to see guys wanking over them! UK Girls on MasturbateOnline.com are begging for guys to watch wank! Continue reading “Looking down a gym girl’s top and you can see her erect nipples”